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  • Coastal Pool and Property tests your pool each week for chlorine, pH, alkalinity and more. 
  • Your pool chemistry will be maintained weekly to ensure your pool is not only safe and comfortable to swim in, but resistant to algae and other organic growth. 
  • Technicians monitor your pool equipment on a weekly basis for any minor issues before they become major ones. 
  • Competitive Pricing! Whether you are in need of full pool servicing or chemicals maintenance alone, we are here for you and offer great package deals.
  • Our commitment to our customers: Every service will leave your pool crystal clear.
  • We discuss and meet individual client's needs and keep checklists.
  • Our dedication to providing high attention to detail and pursuit for excellence resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Flexible schedule: Call our email our office if you need to change service dates for any reason.
  • We are licensed, insured, and highly referred by our customers!  



"My husband and I are more than pleased with the work you did on our pool. We could not believe how fast you had our pool back to clear after hurricane Irma." ~Minnie Kanacheril 

No pool is too big a job for us! After Hurricane Irma left many customers with pools full of algae and debris, Coastal Pool and Property Services were right there to ensure their pools return to crystal clear! These are actual photos of customers who suffered from Irma's wrath and happy to see their pools return to crystal clear. From green water to thick organic buildup, we are the team for the job! 

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